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Golden Spike National Historic Park

29200 W Promontory Ranch Road N <br /> <br />Promontory road does not end here. It’s also know as Golden Spike Loop Road and 28400W. The beginning section of the road belongs to Golden Spike National Historic Park. This is a National Park so make sure to stop by the visitors station to pay your fee. <br /> <br />After the Parks road ends both sides of the road for about 5 miles are privately owned so please stay on the road. It eventually leads you to BLM land where you can camp over night. The road is like most BLM roads, accessible by car but some sections do collect snow so have caution during the winter months. More than less of the sections are raised no shoulder single lane. If two 2wheel drive vehicles meet it might get hairy. Probably a lot of reversing for one of the cars. Flip a coin? <br /> <br />The road wraps around the Great Salt Lakes Spring Bay which is on the left and on the right is a great view of Monument peek. You can also access highway 84 from this road. I used my Garmin Inreach Earthmate app. Not a paid plug but it’s amazing because AT&T cell service was out. <br /> <br />No toilets, running water etc. <br /> <br />As soon as you’re out of Golden Spike National Historic Park you are able to camp for free. The only other vehicles I encountered gets where ranchers. We exchanged polite nods as we passed.

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