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Indian Valley Reservoir

This is a single campsite overlooking Indian Valley Reservoir. It can be accessed with any type of vehicle although during the rainy season or during the winter, it may be not be advisable to try to get there. To get there, you can take Hwy 20 and exit at Walker Ridge Road. From this point on it is all dirt road. Continue towards the highest peak on the east side of the reservoir. When you get to the top of the mountain you will begin traveling down the north side and about a mile or so from the top, there is a road to the left. Take that and continue on it to the end at the campsite. It is completely free and on public land. There is a flowing spring nearby and a large tree providing shade over the campsite. Hunters use this site often as there are dear, wild pig, bears, and numerous other wildlife in the area.

39.099576, -122.497894
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