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Nice little primitive camping area just outside of Sisters, OR. 100% legal and free as part of the Willamette National Forest, as long as you stay fewer than 14 consecutive days. I constructed a rock fire pit, plenty of flat area for 4 or 5 tents. The logging trail and winding trail through the forest are not maintained, but are in great condition. Easily accessible by a small non-4wd vehicle, but likely not an RV. There is a hiking/ biking trail about 30 yards North of the site. You see bikers pass by maybe once /hour, but otherwise site is extremely private. To get there, take Three Creek Road (S. Elm St.) south out of Sisters for 1.2 miles from the St Helens Ave/ Elm St intersection in town. At 1.2 miles turn left onto B-S Logging Road (NF-4606). Travel 0.3 miles on the logging road until you see a small dirt road on the left that cuts back to overhead power lines. Kept left instead of following to power lines and the trail 'Y's in 0.05 mi. Hang left again, and the site is right near the corner. There is a 3.5ft tall stump of a tree remaining next to a little pull in for your car. If you plug the coordinates (44.269640,-121.543780) in to Google Maps you and turn it to Satellite View you can clearly see the dirt roads needed to take, as well as the small clearing which is the site. 3 bars Verizon LTE service at site. And just a quick 5 min jaunt to town if you need beer, or water, but mostly beer! ;) Enjoy!

44.26964, -121.54378
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