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Elephant Rock

Parking just off the road. <br />Editor's note: no signs that I can see, but this is not confirmed as a "legal" place to camp. <br /> <br />June 2021: <br />This pic is a view from the site. It is called Sculptured Rock Indian Site and there are literally no signs around stating it is private property, or that parking overnight is prohibited. There are 3 turnoffs from the Main Street, the largest of which has ample room for multiple vehicles to park. It’s a beautiful view of the ocean and Dillon Beach. We tried it out because of the 2018 post, and can confirm it’s still a great spot in 2021! <br /> <br />Level of confidence the site is free: Not sure - it worked for us though. <br />Toilets nearby: None <br />4X4 or high clearance vehicles: No <br />Cell service available: Verizon <br />Park pass or permit required: No <br />Showers nearby: No <br />Potable water nearby: No <br />Type of property: Unknown

38.249442, -122.94412
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