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Forest Service Road

Nice little pull out on a Forest Service Road. Don’t see a FSR number though. There is a road block (April ‘19) down the dirt road just a bit, but just before that, there is a graded dirt lot big enough for a Class A, If you did a three point turn to get out. We had a Class C and it was a comfortable level spot for the night. It’s one large parking area. Not individual spaces. <br /> <br />Close to the road. Pine trees. Decent spot. Saw some locals park here to hike and run their dogs. <br /> <br />We found many of the area Boondocking spots had a road block currently preventing us from using them. On a nearby reviewed spot I saw a sign posted that said no camping between March 1 and I think November. If you find nearby spots blocked, check out this site. The roadblock is up past the graded camping area.

35.287026, -111.756757
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