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Holeg Landing

Near Jackman, ME - Holeg Landing is a remote boat launch point on Holeg Pond. There were about 10 small boats chained to trees on the beach but none of the owners arrived during the 2 days/nights we were there. It is accessible via an unmaintained road approximately 14 miles from the nearest maintained tarmac road. The road is about 2 miles on the left driving North out of Jackman. It is quite wide and level to start with but gets narrower, lumpier and more rutted. We took our 21ft C-Class down this road comfortably but slowly in day light with no rain for the past 24 hours and none forecast. Larger vehicles could also cope; it's a judgement call on the driver/owner. There are Eco-toilets and fire pits but you need a license (free) to light a fire from the local fire department. There is a list of numbers pinned to the wall by the door at the fire station in Jackman. We called this number (207 827 1800) and obtained a license over the phone. There was no phone signal at Holeg Landing so you need to sort this before hand. It's a really nice sandy beach. The pond is huge. We experienced no under currents in the warm, red-tinged water and it takes ages to get deep. A few couples turned up to fish or kayak but none stayed for more than an hour or so and we had the place to ourselves pretty much... except for the biting insects of which there are swarms and they are relentless. There are also moose, foxes, frogs, toads and a beaver dam just around a cove to the right which accessible through the thick woods or wading through the pond.

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