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Pull off on rancher’s road off CR109 near Fredonia Arizona

Just south of the Paiute Indian Reservation on BLM land, free, dispersed. CR109 is likely impassable when wet, as is this little offshoot road. We simply pulled off on the some extra tracks to the side of the road. We had one passenger car pass us before bedtime also looking for a camp spot. So passenger cars should be ok, but might scrape some of the vegetation depending on the time of the year. Rocks on the main road CR109 can be sharp, so if you are in a passenger car with 2-ply tires, carry extra tires / patch kits and travel under 35mph. Beware the stickery plants when walking around… no sandals! Some lights in the distance from the highway, but barely any noise, very quiet. In the morning, we had ranchers drive by to check on their cattle and fill stock tanks, etc… no problems at all. Not the best spot, but worked fine for us. There are better spots further South for sure, but we weren’t patient enough as the sun was setting. We camped here on our way to Toroweep Campground ($, reservations required) in Grand Canyon National Park.

36.809081, -112.674236
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