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AMACHE Cemetery

I am very hesitant to add this place to boondocking. <br /> <br />It is the cemetery of the AMACHE Japanese relocation from World War II. There are only 9 graves left. It is about 1 acre fenced with an inner quarter acre of well cared for grounds. The grass is kept mowed and boast trees for wind breaks. There are no facilities of any kind but has long views. Almost any size vehicle can camp here. <br /> <br />If one camps on the west side of the inner fence one is better shielded from observation. <br /> <br />Practice leave no trace. DO NOT LEAVE ANY SIGN YOU WHERE HERE!!! <br /> <br />This morning I was awakened to 9 dove calling to each other. This is the first time I have been able to. notice the distinctive variation between individuals. <br /> <br />This place MAY belong to the park service. <br /> <br />Note from AMACHE cemetery personnel: <br />Not sure if the Amache Cemetery would be a great place to boondock. I suppose if it is late and the sun is setting you may be ok, but we have many tourists that travel to the cemetery all the time at all times during the day. We also host tons for programs during the day, which may be awkward for someone who is still there boondocking. Have we had campers at other parts of Amache, yes and they usually ask if they can, which is always good for us.

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